songwrite2018 draft program now available

The exciting and varied program for songwrite2018 is now available.

Tanya Riches 1

  • plenty of creative space opportunities to craft new or emerging worship songs
  • three “keynotes” facilitated by our special guest presenter Tanya Riches
  • opportunities to learn from other worship song writers
  • songwrite cafe’ on the Saturday evening
  • two days in creative, Christian community, in connection with Indooroopilly Uniting Church, Brisbane

Songwrite 2018 draft program summary JPG.jpg


  • this program may well change between now and January 2018 ūüôā
  • Facebook page
  • contact David MacGregor 0414 392 802 or for more information
  • online registration available by early September 2017

Songwrite - Brisbane 2018-1


‘songwrite’ two days away!

paint_music_word2Two days to go and 32+ folk from across Australia descending on Kippax  UC, Canberra for a great weekend of congregational songwriting, community, worship and reflection!

Pray that this will be a very special weekend, for the sake of God’s reign and for the life of our worshipping communities.

David MacGregor
Sharon Kirk

“songwrite” less than 6 days away


songwrite registrations have now closed.

We are so excited at how this national Uniting Church event is shaping up, believing it will give huge encouragement and impetus to the broadening of worship songwriting¬†and the use of these songs in the wider church. ¬†We’re andrew dutneycoming expecting to be surprised by the creativity of the Spirit.
Andrew Dutney, Robin Mann and other gifted musicians will add so much to the flavour and learning of the weekend.
Can you believe we now have 22 songwriters coming in that capacity – and that’s not counting the 10-person guest & support team, robin_mannmany of which are acknowledged and published songwriters themselves.

Kippax Uniting Church, Canberra Рfrom 1 pm Friday,  Please pray that this will be an event of openness, community, creativity,  affirmation support and most of all, a vessel for the movement of God.

Grace and peace,
David MacGregor
Sharon Kirk  (Coordinators)

“songwrite” regos close tomorrow. Don’t miss out!

songwrite_purpleBGHi everyone.
We’re getting close … just over two weeks to¬†songwrite,¬†and registrations close tomorrow. Yes; you’ve read this correctly. Thursday 31 January is the deadline.¬†songwrite happens from 15-17 February.

CLICK HERE¬†for registration details¬†– send rego form back pronto and you’ll be joining a special group of songwriters, mentors, thinkers, techos and other support folk from many parts of Australia for what’s shaping up as an amazing 2 days as Christian creative arts community together. Scroll down for the latest program information.

It’s our prayer, that responsive to the Holy Spirit (and mindful how the Spirit blows where she will), some fantastic worship songs for God’s church will be written.

Rev Gordon Ramsay and staff at Kippax UC, Canberra are working hard with all sorts of kippaxlogistics.  Reminders:

  • get your rego payments in if you haven’t already
  • subsidies are still available
  • accommodation and transport (to/from/at Canberra) is your responsibility, unless particular arrangements have been made
  • songwrite begins at Kippax UC ( at 1 pm Friday 15 February, with sign-in etc from 12.30 pm. ¬†Kippax UC is¬†¬†on the corner of Luke Street and Hardwick Crescent, in Holt, ACT, Australia.

David MacGregor (Rev)
Sharon Kirk

 program    15-17 February 2013

FRIDAY segment
12.30 pm registration
1.00 Lunch

1.45 Worship
2.00 Setting the scene
2.15 Life Overflowing 1
3.00 Afternoon tea
3.15 Crafting a worship song
3.45 Creative space 1
6.00 Dinner
7.00 Worship / Life Overflowing 2
7.45 Chill-out time
9.00 Friday close
9.00 am Gather ‚Äď song/prayer
9.10 What makes a song great for worship?
10.00 Songwriter reflection 1
10.20 Morning tea
10.30 Creative space 2
12.30 pm Lunch
1.00 Songwriter reflection 2
1.20 Creative space 3
3.00 Afternoon tea
Creative space 4
5.00 Serving your church as songwriter – panel
6.00 Dinner
7.00 [planning for Sunday worship]
7.30 Open community time ‚Äď sharing music together
‚Ķ a time for ‚Äėtesting‚Äô songs
ncl. food/drink
9.00 Creative space 5

* time for extra recording etc

3 services Worship @ Kippax UC
morning tea with Kippax congregation
12.00 pm Wrap-up
12.45 Lunch

“come together” at “songwrite” – 22 already are!




Registrations for songwrite have come in strongly this past week. Fantastic!SON001_01

We now have 12 songwriters coming, along with 8 support coaches / mentors / thinkers / techos. On top of that, our special guests: Rev Prof. Andrew Dutney (UCA President) and esteemed songwriter Robin Mann … and there are still 12 days left before registrations close.

This is going to be one special event in the life of the Uniting Church in Australia – at Kippax UC, Canberra, Australia!

CLICK HERE¬†for a rego form and details you need, but don’t miss the 31 January 2013 deadline. ¬†Contact details on the form.

songwrite update 30 Dec: “a fantastic opportunity”


This is what Matt says about the One Voice Co-op weekend (Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand)

The Co op weekend was a fantastic opportunity to meet and fellowship with other songwriters and theologians. Personally, it was a big step out of my comfort zone, as I have struggled in the past to write songs in a team context, and also to write melodies for use in corporate worship. Having other musicians and writers there to trigger idea’s and develop them was humbling and inspiring. I also appreciated the chance to hear from Ray, Rory, Malcolm and Natalie, as they shared their thoughts on the role of music in worship, and what God might be saying to the church today in all of this. It was also good to have a place to ask the bigger questions around what it means to be worshipping community that sings together.

We’re hoping & praying for similar feedback from¬†songwrite … 15-17 February in Canberra, Australia. ¬†Regos close 31 December 2013. Remember; subsidies are available! ¬†Rego/info form: CLICK HERE.