songwrite2018 draft program now available

The exciting and varied program for songwrite2018 is now available.

Tanya Riches 1

  • plenty of creative space opportunities to craft new or emerging worship songs
  • three “keynotes” facilitated by our special guest presenter Tanya Riches
  • opportunities to learn from other worship song writers
  • songwrite cafe’ on the Saturday evening
  • two days in creative, Christian community, in connection with Indooroopilly Uniting Church, Brisbane

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  • this program may well change between now and January 2018 🙂
  • Facebook page
  • contact David MacGregor 0414 392 802 or for more information
  • online registration available by early September 2017

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“songwrite” update – a feast of inspiring musicians – regos close on 31st!





This is what M.J. says about the One Voice Co-op weekend (Presbyterian Church of Sing_totheLord1783
Aotearoa New Zealand) From MJ:

It can be pretty lonely … as a song writer without a music team willing to workshop ideas and new songs. And, while books and the internet are great, there is nothing like doing theology face to face, hammering out the implications of what the Bible says in the cauldron of real experience. So, the … One Voice weekend was a feast really, a feast of inspiring musicians who write songs and lyrics that I could never come up with, and hanging out with people that challenge my thinking, and how I say things, and people who listen respectfully but aren’t afraid to say “Yes, that’s brilliant, but what if…”
So, I wrote another song in the car on the way home – it’s on my phone! … The creativity has had a shot in the arm. Can’t wait to try out some of these new songs on my unsuspecting congregation – it is going to be good!

This sort of experience, fun, learning and spiritual growth can be yours at songwrite … 15-17 February in Canberra, Australia.  Regos close soon – 31 December 2013. Remember; subsidies are available!  Rego/info form: CLICK HERE.

David MacGregor & Sharon Kirk